Car Parking Simulator Girls – Mini Car Real Parking Expert! Car Game Android Gameplay

Hello! Guys, 🙋‍♂️What’s up? In this video, I am playing Car Parking Simulator Girls (Car Parking Simulator Girls – Mini Car Real Parking Expert! Car Game Android Gameplay). Girls’ parking games are a very interesting and exciting type of free game. With girl’s parking games you can learn how to park a car in the most easiest and effective way. In girl’s parking games you need to follow the arrows that appear on the screen, which will lead you to the parking spot. If you crash your car in girls’ parking games, you will fail to complete the level. Girls’ parking games are very similar to the games for boys, but with girls’ parking games you can choose between different types of vehicles, such as a Mini car, a sports car, and more. In girl’s parking games you will find many levels and challenges. After you master the art of parking a car in girls’ parking games, you can become a real parking expert in real life as well.


Game Highlights
CAR PARKING SIMULATOR: GIRLS: Girls, the parking game which was developed for you is available. Woman character, high-quality models, and car interior. Improve your driving skills with various entertaining parking tracks. With the update, customize your car as you wish, with new cars, new levels, and custom colors. Enjoy a pleasant and realistic driving experience with new parking features. Unlock new cars and start driving the car you like as you complete levels from easy to difficult. Improve your maneuverability thanks to the educational features of the game. In this simulation, you can learn how to maneuver and park a car in real life. Prove your skills by completing levels more than 300 without a car crash. Play the levels easy to difficult and experience full of fun. The skills that you gain by completing hard levels support the driving school. Show your driving experience with your cute hatchback car. Customize your car as you wish. You can paint your car your favorite color freely with various color options. Park it with modern racing cars for girls.

NEW LEVELS: 300 levels! A total of 300 levels, designed from easy to difficult, are waiting to be completed. We have prepared various tracks for you so that your gaming pleasure is not interrupted. You can improve your driving skills by completing all tracks. As you complete levels, you unlock new cars. Added e92 m3 sports car and golf hatchback car.

PARKING SENSOR: A parking sensor feature has been added with the update. Now you can avoid collisions while playing challenging levels by receiving visual and audio notifications on the parking sensor. If you want, you can turn this feature off during the game or simply turn off the “beep” sound.

CAMERA MODES: It is easier to drive your car thanks to the new camera modes. With the automatic camera mode, when you are close to collision, switch to top camera mode to dominate the track. During the game, you can adjust the camera modes as you wish.

NEW CARS: Added realistic racing cars for girls. High detailed and popular new cars in the type of hatchback and sedan have been added. Girls, start the game by choosing any of the newly added cars you will love! Change the look of your car with a variety of customizable paints. Driving experience with a real car and ultimate driving features.

Despite the city parking lot and skyscrapers, various cars, and huge 300 levels, Car Parking Simulator: Girls’ game has a very low APK size. It takes up little space on your phone or tablet.

Car Parking Simulator: Girls

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