Ghostwire: Tokyo Review

Reviewed by Cam Shea on PlayStation 5. Also available on PC.

“I enjoyed my 20 or so hours with Ghostwire: Tokyo largely because I found its world so immersive. The attention to detail in the city itself is hugely impressive, whether it’s looking to recreate the surroundings of the best-known crossing in the world or bringing life to a dank back alley. This is an environment I loved being in, and all the more so because of the many touchstones to iconic elements of Japanese culture and mythology. If the moment-to-moment gameplay – in particular its one-dimensional combat and uninteresting mission design – weren’t such a disappointment, Ghostwire: Tokyo could have truly captivated me. As it stands, the merely adequate stealth and action do nothing to add to the fantastical setting, but they don’t diminish its brilliance, either.”


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