Master Of The Game – Episode 5 – Mini-Series – English

Episode 5 – The Artist

Based on the novel Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon.

The remarkable story of the Blackwell family from the end of 1880 to the 1940s: Kate Blackwell was still young when her father Jamie McGregor moved the family to South Africa around 1880 to seek his fortune in the local diamond mines. He gets rich quick and starts his first own company called Kruger-Brent, Ltd. Over the next 70 years the company grew steadily under Jamie’s and then Kate’s leadership and became one of the largest companies in the area. But Kate is dissatisfied with her life: Despite financial success, her family is struck by one disaster after another. The series is based on the novel Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon and accompanies the ups and downs of the Blackwells over a plot of 70 years.


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