Online slots – 4 game mini bonus hunt

Good afternoon one and all, I hope you are having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend so far.

My last video was an attempt at something new, playing a single game to give it a bit of a road test as it were. I enjoyed doing something different and thank you for the feedback to date on it. I will perhaps try something similar in the near future, if anyone has a suitable game to suggest for this I would be delighted to hear it in the comments.

With the remaining £400 balance in this new casino I decided I would attempt a bonus hunt, but on the proviso that I was not willing to invest any more cash. It was therefore no surprise that it ended up as a mini bonus hunt, with just 4 games to show you.

That said, it could have been 5. I started out attempting to try a new game (new for me anyway) in Piggy Riches. It was rather expensive to bonus, costing £180 to land the 3 required scatters. I exited the game as normal but on returning to the main screen of the casino I noted that my balance had been adjusted. I reloaded the game and it simply told me that the incomplete spin had paid £140! I did not even get to see what happened, which is a shame as it was clearly a decent bonus.

So £40 down I resumed battle, and at this point decided I would stick to my favourite games. I managed to attain bonuses on 4 megaways games before the balance was depleted:

Buffalo Rising
Who wants to be a Millionaire
Diamond Mine

So this is a short video on 4 games that I am well aware can produce a bonus anywhere from dismal to spectacular. How would it pan out this time?


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