REVIEW GAME FARLIGHT 84 | "WHACT" How to Play this Game

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In this battle royale game, zombie-cyborgs have taken over the land and the last remaining heroes must fight for resources to survive. Use weapons to target and take down your opponents while remaining vigilant for any danger around you. You can also get vehicles to travel the arena and cause havoc along the way by destroying your enemies.

You drop in the arena with 40 other players to battle it out to the last. Quickly get the most super-powered weapons made by ‘Big Four’ arms manufacturers to destroy your opponents.

Apart from vehicles, jet-packs and multi-legged spider walkers can get across the map quickly and away from opponents trying to kill you.

Like other battle royales, Farlight 84 also has accouterments of crafting allowing you to destroy and make structures. Create strongholds called refuges where you can chill in between battles with your friends. Customize your refuges with building materials from your victories in battle.


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