Tower Of Fantasy Better Than Genshin Impact? Review End Game Peek!

Tower Of Fantasy Better Than Genshin Impact? In Depth Review! First Impressions Gameplay and PVE PVP Review End Game Peek! This game is very surprising in its current state in closed beta. It looks very polished and has a lot of MMO aspects and endgame activities that could rival Genshin Impact. Time will tell how everything turns out but for now the grass is looking pretty green on this side! This game has a lot of endgame features as well as pve ranked systems in the bygone phantasm with 300 floors to a climb in this tower which is similar to spiral abyss in genshin! There is also a 1v1 pvp ranked system and ladder with surprisingly good combat. I have found my self spending hours exploring and immersing myself in this world. Will this be the one of the next big mmorpg game of 2022? Can it be better than genshin impact? We will find out as the beta continues and more content unlocks!

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Beta Progression
2:10 – End Game Look
3:47 – Bygone Phantasm PVE Tower
4:54 – Apex League PVP
6:52 – Raids World Boss Rifts
7:35 – My Thoughts Genshin
9:37 – More Multiplayer
10:01 – Summary
10:56 – Outro

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